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About us

About Us

DREAM is a project funded by the European Commission and developed by seven different partners:

    • University of Skövde (HIS): HIS is the coordinating partner and contributes expertise in cognitive architectures, embodied cognition and social interaction. The HIS team is responsible for work packages dealing with systems integration as well as the assessment of children’s behaviours and mental states.
    • Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB): This is a Belgian university located in Brussels. VUB has designed and built the robot Probo. VUB further has experience with cognitive architectures and experiments with ASD children. They are responsible of developing some of the modules of the cognitive architecture.
    • Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai (UBB): UBB is one of the most prestigious and oldest educational and scientific establishments in Romania. Researchers and psychologists from this university have expertise in running clinical trials and will provide information about the psychological therapies to be implemented within the robots, and about the intervention and diagnosis protocols.
    • Plymouth University (PLYM): PLYM will collaborate with VUB to develop the cognitive architecture of the robots. PLYM has experience in developing biologically inspired action selection mechanisms using memory as the central mechanism for governing autonomous behaviour.
    • University of Portsmouth (PORT): The smart environment will be designed and implemented by this British university. They have substantial experience in multi-sensory data fusion, especially sensing and analytics for multi-camera systems.
    • De Montfort University (DMU): In a project that brings together children and robots in a therapeutic context, it is crucial to heed all ethical issues this raises. DMU in Leicester, UK is responsible for these matters.
    • Aldebaran Robotics (ALD): This French company conceives, develops, manufactures, and commercialises humanoid robots, as NAO, and their corresponding control software. They also have some experience in experiments with ASD children.