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DREAM project’s website launched

The consortium in DREAM recognizes the importance of continuously communicating developments and results from this project to the outside world. These communication activities will be carried out via the project website, detailing the project’s goals and challenges, the partners, and the robotic platforms to be used, etc.

The website explicitly caters for three different types of visitors:

  • Researchers and clinicians: this part of the website contains scientific information, detailing research carried out within the project and including downloadable versions of scientific documents such as publications and deliverables.
  • General public: this part of the website summarises all information about the project in language that is accessible to visitors from outside of academia, thus increasing the public awareness of the benefits of socially-assistive robots in health- and childcare.
  • Parents: this section provides specific information about the DREAM project to those parents who have children with ASD, explaining the procedure followed in RAT, and particularly in supervised-autonomy RET. The aim of this is simply to provide information on how to participate in our studies, and how the experiments are developed.


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