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Will these robots replace therapists?

No. These robots are not fully autonomous, they need the supervision of a therapist to decide how to perform. Combining these robots with the smart environment they will be placed increases the therapeutically relevant information available to the therapist. We do not intend to replace the therapists, but to support them with an effective tool that remains under their control.

How to participate in the research?

Please follow our social media accounts. We will announce when and where the experiments will take place, which workshops we will organize and those summer schools you could attend to learn more about all that surrounds this project.

How to buy these robots?

Probo is just a prototype so it is not on sale. But educational and healthcare institutions can purchase NAO robot from here.

Where to see these robots in action?

Please consult our social media accounts and the calendar of this website regularly since forthcoming social events will be announced there.

DREAM in press

If you want to contact us for an interview or a report, please do so through press@dream2020.eu