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Our robots

Our Robots

NAO is the most widely used robot in education and research, being the official robot of the RoboCup tournament. It is used in computer and science classes, from primary school through to university, in more than 70 countries. It has also make its impact on the communities of developers, who recognise it as a powerful and expressive medium for creating applications.

The ASK NAO (Autism Solution for Kids) initiative is a program created by Aldebaran Robotics to customize NAO to support teachers with in-class tasks and help children with ASD.

Probo is an imaginary animal type with an own identity, including a name, a history, and friends and family.

The name Probo is derived from the word proboscidea. Proboscidea is an animal order now containing only one family of living animals, “the elephants”, with three species (African Bush Elephant, African Forest Elephant, and Asian Elephant). During the period of the last ice age there were more, now extinct species, including a number of species of the elephant-like mammoths and mastodons.

Probo has a very “huggable” appearance, an attractive trunk, animated ears, eyes, eyebrows, eyelids, mouth, neck, and an interactive belly-screen. The internal mechanics of the robot are placed inside a plastic housing and covered with a foam layer and a removable fur-jacket, in such a way that Probo looks and feels like a stuffed animal. The colour of the robot is green, evoking mainly positive emotions such as relaxation and comfort.